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Bevhr is an industry-leading Information Technology company focused on Information Security and Operations. With our end-to-end information security and operations solutions strategy…

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A(DMR)2 – Our four step approach to a secure you

Assess. Design and Deploy. Manage and Monitor. Respond and Remediate.


At the first of our four step strategy, we provide you with the security assessment services required to meet your security compliance and governance requirements. This provides an insight into your current security posture and help us develop strategies to better protect you.


Here at Bevhr Limited, the second step after having assessed your security postures and determined your needs, this is the stage we design and deploy strategies, processes, procedure and solutions necessary to provide you with the security you need.


We do not just design, deploy your security solutions and leave you out in the cold. We manage your security infrastructure; making sure they are in the best state to protect you. We provide a 24×7 security monitoring of you; ensuring we detect anomalies before they cause any damage.


The last of our four step strategy here at Bevhr Limited is that we respond to every of your needs and provide remediation services in cases of security incidents and breaches. We also do identify, contain and put you on the path to recovery.

Our Products

Our mandate is to provide you the best Information security and operations services.


At the heart of information security monitoring, the Security Information and Events, SIEM aggregates logs from multiple security devices/solutions, correlates events and triggers alerts when set conditions are met.


A firewall establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network by monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security conditions.


An Intrusion Prevention System IPS complements the firewall and is a network threat prevention system that monitors a network for and blocks malicious traffic. These include, vulnerabilities, policy violations and anomalies.


An email security gateway monitors emails for those with malicious content, and prevents these messages from being delivered. These malicious content in email messages includes malware, phishing attacks and spam.

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About Bevhr

Bevhr is an industry-leading Information Technology company focused on Information Security and Operations. We have what it takes to assess your security status and needs, design and deploy new information security solutions, manage and monitor your environment.

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